5 Tips to engage your audience on your website


How to engage users on your website.

This is very general question ask by the bloggers and the answer of this question is also simple by providing quality and unique content. Yes if you have the quality and unique content then you are able to engage users on your website. I remember when I had start my own website then my bounce back rate is above 90% and I am shocked that why it is so much so after I had search on net and finds some information and now my website bounce rate is below 30%.

Hope you are also here to decrease your bounce rate.

Reason for Higher Bounce Rate:

  1. User gets all information on your web page what he was searching.
  2. He finds nothing on your website.

So how to identify that your website is 1st or 2nd category. Just see your page timing per view if it is above 1 min then surely user likes your content but if it is 20 to 40 seconds then you are in the second category so you have to must read below tips for decreasing the Bounce Rate.

We are talking about Bounce Rate but actually what exactly is.?
Bounce Rate may be defined as no. of visitors who views only just one page of your site.

Here are the some killing tips by which you may decrease your website bounce Rate.

  • Quality and Unique content: This is the first step you need to follow if your site does not have enough content then you need to write some unique articles to engage user on your site.
  • Fresh Content: Fresh Content means updated content your site must have updated content in order to engage user. Talks about Future on your website rather than talking about past. So update your content daily.
  • Write what user wants not what search engine wants: Sometimes we are more concentrate on what search engine wants not what user wants so I think this is totally big crash of your site. It increase the bounce rate and as well as decrease the average page per view time. So try to write content for your website users not for the search engines.
  • Using Inbuilt Links: Using links in your article is one the best way to engage users on your website if you have inbuilt links then there is chance of user clicks on that word and reach to your next website page and he likes your content.
  • Using related posts Plugins: Very Important: Always use related posts plugin on your website because visitors are unaware to your content they don’t know what your sites provide so try to use related posts plugin and it decreases upto 25% of your bounce rate.



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