How to be Happy Every Moment ??

What is the purpose of our life ?? Do you people think we can be happy every time ?? My answer for this query is “Absolutely Yes”. Main purpose of the life is being happy with everything we have got and with everyone we meet. Then immediately we will get a thought that how to be happy all the time ?? As far as my best and personal experience is concerned, here are the below tips which you can follow.

>> How are we able to know whether we are feeling happy or sad ?? Mind is the tool that is able to make us realize that we are feeling happy or sad.

>> Hence, what to do to be happy every time ??

Here are the simple steps, that you can follow.

1) My first and foremost tip for you is to “Check your thoughts”. Yes, thoughts are the major inputs for all our feelings. Please go through the simple picture that is given below.

2) Whenever you are feeling low or sad, Just sit in an Idle place and silently watch your thoughts that are roaming in mind. Once you feel sad, after checking the thought simply just change the thought.
For Example: If you are feeling ache in stomach, then what do we feel generally ? Of course we feel …Oh..God..I am not feeling good..I am this right. Now just change the thought and say ..I am feeling happy..I’ll get well soon. Now check your previous feeling and present feeling.

3) Hence, put some of the affirmations for yourself to feel better and happier always. Just tell your mind that I am a happy soul and based on this you will feel accordingly.

4) As I have given in the above picture, Hierarchy is as follows.
@ Check your thoughts
@ Thoughts results in Beliefs
@ Beliefs results in Feelings
@ Feelings results in Actions
@ Actions will definitely make us feel happier (Final output or result that we want)

Hence, I can conclude that you can be happy every time you wish to be happy. So why late ?? Feeling good and happier is just a thought away. Make a habit of having quality and positive thoughts. 

Thanks for reading the post guys.. 

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