Functions of IC’s used in 8085 Microprocessor

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In this article you will find the Functions of IC’s used in the 8085 microprocessor.

1) 2764
An EPROM or we can say Erasable Programmable Read only Memory, which retains its data when power supply interrupt.

6264 is a JEDEC static ROm and it have a maximum capacity of 68Kbit or (8KB).

is a quad 2 input NAND gate which do the function of NAND gate i.e. it produces the false ouput if and only if all its inputs are true.

7404 is called as Hex inverter also called as (Dual D-Off) and it performs the function of NOT Gate.

is a quad 2 inputs AND gate with the open collector outputs and it do the same function as of AND gate.

It provides a 6 inverting buffer with the submit trigger action.It can transfer slowly changing input into the sharply defined,free outputs signal.

is a OR gate or combination of 4 OR gate.Each of gate have the 2 inputs and an a output which gives the sum of the inputs.

it is  a 3 to 8 line decoder multiplexer. When it enabled 1 output is low based on the value of 3 inputs.

Is a 2 to 4 line dual decoder/demultiplexer.It can easily calculate more complex logical functions and  each side of the chip decode with active low of a 2 bit address to 4 bit active  low signal.

10) 74373
It may transfer the 8 bits data in a parallel source into a 3 state bus since it have “D” Flip flops with the output control.

8251 is a universal asynchronous receiver/transmitter which have the real world Intel 8251 peripheral interface.

It performs timing and counting functions and called as the Programmable interval timer.

It is a general purpose programmable Input/output device. It have 24 input/Ouptut pins.

Intel keyboard/display controller and it gives interfacing keyboard and display device specially for Intel microprocessor.

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