Earn Money While Learning On Student Study Hub

Earn Money While Learning On Student Study Hub. Yes what have you heard is Truth.The Program to Earn Money while learning On Student Study Hub is called EALS Scholarships.EALS Earn and Learn Scholarships starts with Rs.500/- for 1st Rank for 01 session (15 days) in a Month. The ranks and respective prize money are provided below. Participants can ask their queries related to Studies, Jobs, Recruitments, Latest Government Jobs and more. At the same participants can clarify the asker’s doubts properly to Earn Money While Learning on Student Study Hub. The EALS scholarships would come in to active from 16th July, 2014.

Name of the Program: Earn and Learn Scholarships

Important Dates:

EALS Program starts from: From 16th July, 2014

Registration Fee: No Registration Fee (Free to Join)

Prize Money:

For 01st Session (01 to 15th of every month):

01st Rank — Rs.500/-

02nd Rank — Rs.300/-

03rd Rank — Rs.200/-

04th Rank — Rs.150/-

05th Rank — Rs.100/-

For 02nd Session (16 to 31st of every month):

01st Rank — Rs.500/-

02nd Rank — Rs.300/-

03rd Rank — Rs.200/-

04th Rank — Rs.150/-

05th Rank — Rs.100/-

No. Of Sessions in a Month:

a).01st Session – 01st to 15th of every month

b).02nd Session – 16th to 31st of every month

Eligibility Criteria to participate:

i).Only Indian National are eligible

ii).Qualification and Age doesn’t matter at all

Earn Money While Learning

Any Restriction for Participation:

a).No Restriction

b).Participants can participate in any number of sessions (as many times as you wish)

How will you get paid if you Win?

1).If you win in the EALS session we pay you Prize money by “NEFT/Online Transfer”

2).We shall Transfer money to winners by 25th of every month

Ex: Both 01st & 02nd session’s payment will be done at a time in the next month. If a participant wins July 02nd Session (Rs.300/-) and August 01st Session (Rs.300/-) then he will be paid money in the month of August dated 25th of Rs.600/-.

How to Fill Winner Application Form?

a).Earn Money While Learning on Student Study Hub.Winners list will be announced after the completion of the session.i.e. If the session 16th-31st July is finished the winners list will be displayed on 01st August under “RANKINGS” page.

b).Winners will be given “Application form” to fill up their details to receive prize money on the Same “Rankings Page”

Guidelines or Rules to be followed:

1).Participants will be awarded “05 points” per answer after completion of answering by default.

2).Administrators and Support Staff shall put it under moderation. They check participants answered answers very keenly

3).If participants’ performance is good; Participants will be awarded more than 5 points per answer. Similarly if the performance is poor, Points will get reduced from 5 points

4).Do NOT Copy-Paste answers from any site.

5).You may take references from any other sources. But You are required to write your answer in your own words only after proper researching

6).Answers must be relevant to the fields and must be helpful to the queries seeking candidates

7).Do NOT copy other member’s answers

8).Do NOT link to other sites unnecessarily

How to Participate in EALS Program?

1).To participate in EALS (Earn and Learn Scholarships), participants must register themselves for Free from the below REGISTER Link

2).There are various Tabs, Home, Ask Question, Unanswered Questions, Questions, Rankings page.

Home – Where you can view all details at a glance

Ask Question – If you have queries related to Jobs, Results, Latest Government Jobs, Other Recruitments feel free to ask query. Within few days your query will be answered

Unanswered Questions – Participants can see the Questions to be answered, which were not attempted by any participant

Questions – Participants can Choose Questions to answer and get Points

Rankings – In the Ranking page, previous winners list get displayed

3).Participants need to click on the “Questions or Unanswered Questions” tab to answer for a particular query.

4).Their Current rank of that session is visible in RANKING page

Click here to REGISTER for EALS

Note:If you still find any doubts, feel free to ask us by writing in the “Comment” section of this page. Remember the Session is going to be started from 16th July,2014.Earn Money While Learning on Student Study Hub more by participating More.

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