Cloud web hosting i.e. future of hosting providers 2016

Let we talk about what is cloud web hosting and what is difference between cloud web hosting and normal hosting. You have read the correct title yes cloud web hosting is the future of all current hosting providers. Today every hosting provider is moving toward the cloud web hosting. Packages are very attractive and you can manage everything in the cloud hosting. You can manage how much RAM is needed for your business and how much capacity of processor needed for your business.  Cloud web hosting is very popular among bloggers.

Today we are going to tell you best cloud web hosting providers from which you can buy cloud web hosting for your business needs.

On the top of the list we have Inmotion Hosting. Yes Inmotion hosting is in the top of the list. They are providing best packages to customers and you can choose everything according to your need.  They have better customer service and better response time.

Arvixe Hosting is on the second number. They are also providing very attractive packages of cloud web hosting. They can even help you how to move toward cloud web hosting from normal hosting.  They are giving unlimited bandwidth and unlimited space to their users at reasonable price.  You will get unlimited email accounts. Arvixe is the only hosting which the fully managed cloud web is hosting.

Just Host is on the third number in our list. They are one of the best cloud web hosting providers.  They are giving 2GB dedicated memory and 25GB dedicated space to their customers. You will get unlimited email id from the Just host. Also you will get 1 IP address and 2 CPU cores. So your website will never let down as CPU can handle good amount of visitors at one time.

BlueHost is also in the race and they are on number fourth in our list.  You can host unlimited domains and unlimited subdomains and also you can make as many as you want database on their cloud web hosting package. You will get 1 dedicated IP address and 2GB of RAM with unlimited email ids.

Hostgator is on number fifth. They are giving 500GB of bandwidth and 5 CPU cores with 512MB of dedicated RAM but the good thing is you will get 2 dedicated IP address in their cloud web hosting package.

DreamHost is also in the list. They are equally equal to Hostgator. They are giving unlimited bandwidth and unlimited space with 1GB of RAM.  DreamHost is good but if we compare it with Arvixe or Inmotion then its not that good enough to compete with other hosting providers.

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