Career and Scope of M Pharm in Pharmaceutics

Scope Of M. Pharma In Pharmaceutics 

Pharmaceutics is the branch of Pharma studies that deals with manufacturing of bulk drugs and the other is formulations related. Manufacturing of bulk drugs can be done by chemistry students but none can carry formulation development except a M.pharm. U can’t take a bulk drug as it is a chemical bulk unless u make a formulation with standard formula.  So Formulation industry cannot exist without the presence of a pharmaceutics person.


Many of you may think that field of Pharmaceutics is saturated, as increasing number of Pharmacy colleges.

Yes! It is true as pharmaceutics was the first branch with which Pharma study was started. But believe me, there is still millions of vacancies all over the globe where they need skilled, dedicated M. Pharm to carry out formulation studies. Ceutics Person can do a job of chemist but chemist can not do the same.


What a Pharmaceutics Master do different from others (chemist etc)

Let us take a example of Tablet machine. One can take a bulk of constituents and punch a tablet. BUT, it is the excipients used and their Quantity/quality is the key to success of particular formulation. So, the formulation process begins with developing a right formula. Here the actual skill/knowledge of a ceutics person is needed. That’s why almost every Pharmaceutical company has their separate F&D department. And every M.Pharm has dream to work in this department.

Now lets go to F&D deptt. As u know these companies have been established long back and there are well experienced people in developing different formulations. Initially u r going to work as a trainee. Your superiors will give you work like granulation, mixing, punching or sieving,, and later on depends on u , u can be a team leader based upon your skills. Higher the post more will be the salary.

Here the actual work starts:  Big Indian companies are now concentrating on NDDA (new drugs development and Application). You have to handle projects. Drug controlling authorities worldwide are very strict regarding:

  • Quality, efficacy, and safety of newly developed drug
  • Bio-equivalency to the already existing products

These types of projects will have to be handled after becoming a team leader.  Later, you will be promoted to higher levels depending on your knowledge.


  • Pharmacokinetics is the formulation related study and there is a good scope in this area. Pharmacokinetic parameters are determined in compartmental modeling. These are generally carried out for new drugs dosage forms. You can develop interest in this area.  But not many companies do this. It is difficult to find jobs in this area. if you can find a job in it, growth will be good.


  • Novel Drug Delivery systems (NDDS)

 Production and formulation of new drugs is one thing, other important aspect of use of these formulation is to develop a better drug delivery system. May be u have heard about transdermal drug delivery systems, patches, nano drug delivery systems, medicated chewing tablets, gels, creams etc with variety of drug releasing specialities like  sustained, controlled, targeted drug delivery. These are still under research and development stage. This is very interesting area. These researches require high investments to commercialize and very few companies do that. Again it is tough to get jobs in such companies, but after some experience, once u enter in this area, THERE WILL BE A FUTURE.


  • Drug regulatory affairs and Intellectual property rights are the other scopes in it. Drug regulatory affairs is filing of approvals for drugs export to other countries.  Intellectual property rights  deal with patenting the inventions either related to process or product.


  • A Pharmaceutics person can also enter into other departments like production and quality assurance.  Your signatory power is valuable there.  With the Degree in hand you can easily enter into these areas. Use it as your starting point, believe me, your graph will never be downward.

That was all about jobs in pharmaceutical companies. One can also go for teaching jobs in colleges, government jobs and offcourse u can work as a pharmacist in pvt/govt. pharmacy.


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