Capacitive Touchscreen Vs Resistive Touchscreen

Capacitive Touchscreen Vs Resistive Touchscreen (Differences) are provided below. Touchscreens are basically classified as two types. They are namely

i).Capacitive Touchscreen

ii).Resistive Touchscreen

Capacitive Touchscreen

Capacitive Touch (Or) Capacitive Touchscreen:

i).Capacitive Touchscreen consists of two layers of glass, where some gap is maintained between each layer

ii).Those two layers of glass are coated with the conductor Indium Tin Oxide

iii).In this case, our Finger tip or Human body acts like an electrical charge conductor

iii) When the electrical distortion takes place it results in the Screen’s Capacitive Field when it is impressed upon by body capacitance.

iv).When physical property of our body says Fingertip that enables it to act like a “Conductor of electric charges”

Ex: Apple iPhone 4S,Nokia Lumia 800,HTC Sensation, Samsung Galaxy Ace Plus, Samsung Galaxy Note, Samsung Omnia W


As this Capacitive Touchscreen consists of Glass layer, looks sharper and brighter

Make use of Multi touch gestures and this screen does not need any Stylus


As glass is the part of touch screen, more liable to break

Somewhat expensive since these kind are with complex structures

This does not work when User wears gloves since it is dependent on the conductive nature of user

Resistive Touch (Or) Resistive Touch screen:

i).The name itself says that, Resistive Touch screen consists of various electrically resistive layers

ii).These layers may include some flexible plastic and Glass layers

iii).The main front surface of the resistive touch screen is “Scratch Resistant” .It generally be coated with a conductive material Indium Tin Oxide

iv).And the Second layer may be made of hard plastic or Glass which is also coated with ITO

v).There will be a gap between both the layers which face each other

vi).When electrical resistance is created between the layers, and then charge basically moves from top to bottom in one layer and by side to side in another layer

vii).So when our Finger is presses down on the outer surface of the touch screen then both the Indium Tin Oxide films start meeting each other

viii).When point of contact takes place; ultimately it leads to get a correct measurement of the touch position

Ex: Samsung Star Duos, Samsung Champ Duos, Nokia C2-02, LG Cookie Joy, Spice Mi-270, LG P520 and more


You can use Gloved finger, wooden rod, Fingernail (Which creates enough pressure)

This kind of resistive touch screen has good resistance to Water and Dust


As it has many layers, this kind of touch screen is not as sharp as Capacitive touchscreen

Do not allow multi touch gestures

Do not respond easily

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