Baroda Manipal PO Exam GK Questions 18th April 2015


Baroda Manipal PO Exam GK Questions 18th April 2015, Baroda Manipal PO Exam has been conducted on 18th April, 2015. Candidates who have given their Baroda Manipal PO Exam today are requested to check their questions with answers.

General Awareness Questions Asked on 18/04/2015: (Morning Shift Questions and Evening Shift Questions) 

Q). The founder of Singapore who died ?

Ans: Lee Kuan Yew

Q). Service Tax is increased to ?

Ans: 14%

Q). What is the full form of Mudra ?

Ans: MUDRA – Micro Units Development Refinance

Q). In CAMELS the letter M stands for ??

Ans: M – Management

Q). FDI in Railways ??

Ans: 49%

Q). Which is the best featured film at National Award ?

Ans: Queen

Q). What is Currency of Italy ?

Ans: Euro

Q). Summer Olympics 2016 will be held at ?

Ans: Rio De Janeiro

Q). Ayush Meeting held in ?

Ans: New Delhi

Q). Increase in Health Insurance Premium is ?

Ans: 1 lac (Rs.1,00,000)

Q). What is the Capital of Saudi Arabia ?

Ans: Riyadh

Q). Pan Card Required after ___ amount ?

Ans: Rs.1,00,000/-

Q). What is the Currency of Singapore ?

Ans: Dollar

Q). What is the Capital of Germany ?

Ans: Berlin

Q). WEF Meeting held in ?

Ans: Davos, Switzerland

Q). Deposits of Banks are insured by ?


Q). What is the headquarter of PNB ?

Ans: New Delhi

Q). Folio Prize 2015 has been given for ___ book ?

Ans: Family Life

Q). Tyler Prize 2015 is given ?

Ans: Dr.Madhav Gadgil

Q). What is the Pension Fund Rate ?

Ans: 8.75%

Q). What it the UN Head Quarter ?

Ans: New York

Q). E-kyc are given to those who have ___

Ans: Aadhar Card


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