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There are many professional education centers in the US, but there those which are best of all times. These education centers include; High schools, Colleges and universities. The top educational centers in US are SCHOOL FOR TALENTED AND GIFTED This is a high school level school. It is Ranked number one nationally, located in east eight St, Dallas. The School follows the State’s distinguished achievement program and emphases on advanced curriculum. It requires one to complete an eleven Advanced Placement course in order to graduate. Being Ranked number one, the school holds a Gold medal according to the criteria followed by the state. It is a perfect school for students who are ambitious to achieve their life dreams.


This is a private university, established in 1746. It is the fourth oldest University in the US. It is a class University, offering Educational, Social and Communal services to students. It is located in Princeton town, New Jersey. The University offers among the best Undergraduate course in the world. This famous university has produced senior most people in US government; president, Woodrow Wilson. It is also a school of famous celebrities like John Forbes Nash. For Any talented Young Star in the US and the world, this is the School to choose.

The worlds Famous University, Ranked number two after Princeton’s. It is also among the oldest Private universities founded in 1636. It is Located in the urban of Cambridge, Massachusetts. It has other thirteen branches that offer many different Courses. It is located on a large vast on land of about 5,076 acres. It follows a semester system of education. It is known for producing the eight famous US presidents. Harvard, Enrolls students from all over the world as long as they have the qualifications, To qualify, one must pass tests on ACT and SAT.

This is a grad school university, offering Business courses. Among business schools, it is ranked number seven. It operates on both full- time and part-time basis. The University is located in Berkeley, California. The school offers, E- commerce, accounting. Entrepreneurship and many other business courses. For those students who want to pursue a career in the business world, this is the place to be -Graduates from the university have a great opportunity in San Francisco a major business district.

A High school ranked number one in Arizona and two nationally. It is a center for excellence, as the schools also hold a gold medal prize. Here, the students can take Advanced Placement course and Exams. The school population is made up of 51% males and 49 % female student’s which counts to over 1,000 students. – Basis Scottsdale Students are bright according to the US test score. They are among those students who join cozy universities like Harvard and Princeton. It serves students from grade 5-12.For any person pursuing their career, it is always good to try different educational atmosphere. It is advisable for any student from all over the world and US to try these educational centers, when traveling to the US for studies, ensure you make an application for Esta. This determines your eligibility to travel there.

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