11th Class HP Board English Sample paper 2014


Section-A (Reading)

  1. Read the passage given below and answer the questions that follow: 

 As a result of the long series of scientific discoveries, Man’s life has been altered more radically and rapidly in the twentieth century. In what way does this alteration chiefly show itself? In the first place, most of the external enemies to which our species in the past has been exposed are either overcome or in a fair way to being overcome. Look back over man’s life in the past and you cannot but realize what a sordid, meagre and frightened affair it must have been. His crops and, therefore his livelihood, have been at the mercy of forces of fire and flood, of earthquake; his communities were swept by pestilence and famine; and with the sweat of his brow he managed very small livelihood from nature. Today, thanks to science, all these enemies to man’s well-being have either disappeared or have been reduced to comparative impotence. Machines have taken over large part of man’s dull and arduous work, and have so increased his output. Medical science has tracked down the causes of many diseases and has learned how to make man’s body immune from them. One enemy to man’s happiness and only one remains, and that is the enemy within, which is man’s comparatively unchanged nature.

(a) How has science changed human life in the twentieth century?

(b) What hardships had man to face in the past?

(c) How has been the effect of machines on man’s life?

(d) How has medical science helped mankind?

(e) Which enemy remains yet to be conquered by man?

 (ii)Find from the passage words which mean the same as the following:

(a)    Changed

(b)   Deadly diseases

Q-2.  Read the following passage carefully and answer the questions that follow.

Two determining factors pertaining to the nation’s health and well-being are family planning and nutrition. While talking about our country and its problems, let us remember that many of these problems are the result of our success and development. Our population’s problem is an example. As an eminent doctor has rightly remarked, doctors themselves are the creators of the population explosion. They must also find a way out. A child brings happiness. As kabir , the saint- poet, has said, “ A child comes crying into the world but the people that even the birth of a child adds to their anxiety.
The aim of family planning is to restore joy to motherhood and top make every child a wanted child with a fair chance of health, education and employment. Until now our major difficulty was to create motivation and psychological climate. Our campaign has been successful in certain pockets. It is not unlikely that soon a nationwide. Clamour for doctors and appliances for family planning will build up and delay or failure in the family planning campaign will cause a setback to all our programmes. The other important health problem is that of nutrition. However good our harvest may be, let us not forget that a large part of our people are chronically undernourished in the terms of calories as well as life building proteins. It nothing is done about this proteins scarcity, these masses will remain condemned to an incomplete and lustreless life.

  1. On the basis of your reading of the above passage makes notes on it in the points only using abbreviations wherever necessary and assign a suitable title to the passage.
  2. Give a summary of the above passage in about 80 words.



 Q-3. Your school has recently organized a Blood Donation Camp on the occasion of the school’s Annual Day. Write a report of the same for your School Magazine in about 80-150 words.


Describe the Silver Jubilee celebrations of your School in about 80-100 words.

Q-4 Write an article for a newspaper on the growing evil of drug addiction among the youth. Write your article in about 100-150 words.


Write an article on ‘Hazards of polythene Bags’ in about 80-100 words for your school Magazine.

Q-5 Write a letter to the Postmaster, Post office Nurpur, complaining of late delivery of letters. You are Shushma/Rajneesh of Jawahar Street, near bus stop, Nurpur.


Write a letter to the police commissioner of chamba complaining the Nuisance of loud speakers in your city. You are Amit.

Q-6 ‘Dowry system’ which was once a token of love and affection has now become a social abuse. Describe how it is proving curse to modern society.


You are Rahul, a journalist by profession. Write an article on the role of Newspapers in society. Your article should not exceed 150 words.                                                                                                                  (8)


 Q-7. Read and extract and answer the questions that follow:

The cardboard shows me how it was
When the two girls cousins went paddling,
Each one holding one of my mother’s hands,
And she the big girl-some twelve years or so.

  1. Name the poem and poet.
  2. Who were the two girls?
  3. What does the word ‘cardboard’ denote?
  4. What were the two girls doing?


And who art thou? Said I to the soft-falling shower,

Which, strange to tell, gave me an answer, as here translated:

I am the poem of Earth, said the voice of the rain,

Eternal I rise impalpable out of the land and the bottomless sea.

  1. Name the poet and the poem.
  2. Who is speaking and to whom?
  3. What do you understand by the ‘poem of Earth’?
  4. Where does the rain rise from?

Q-8. Answer the following questions in about 30 words each (any three) .

  1. What does the word ‘cardboard’ denote in the poem? Why has this word been used?( A photograph)
  2. The poet’s mother laughed at the snapshot. What did this laugh indicate?(A Photograph)
  3. Why is the image of engine evoked by the poet in the poem “The Laburnum Top”?
  4. What does the shower tell the poet in the poem ‘The Voice of Rain”?Q-9. Answer any four of the following questions in 30-40 words each:
  1. The author’s grandmother was a religious lady. What are the different ways in which we come to know this?
  2. What were the results of the CT scan?
  3. Explain the concept of Shanshui?
  4. Who was Joan Byro? Why had he come to the narrator’s house?
  5. Character sketch of Mrs Fitzgerald?

Q-10. Answer the following question in 125-150 words:

Bring out the theme of the play ‘Mother’s Day’ .


Contrast the Chinese View of art with European view with examples.


Q-11. Answer the following question in 100-125 words:
The story is divided into pre-war and post-war times. What hardships do you think the girl underwent during these times?


Grandmother is portrayed as a kind women. What details given in ‘The Portrait of a Lady’ give you that impression?

Q-12. Answer the following questions:

  1. List the advances in technology that have improved forensic analysis.
  2. “The landscape is an inner one, a spiritual and conceptual space.” Describe.
  3. Why did the narrator resolve to forget the address: No. 46, Marconi Street?
  4. Why was Ranga’s homecoming a great event?


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