Law of Attraction Is it really works?

Law of Attraction Is it really works? 

After successfulness of my article “Positive Thoughts VS Negative thoughts my friends were asking me to write something on law of attraction. Actually I don’t know what Law of attraction is? So I thought to research on law of attraction. And suddenly last day something happened in my life by which I got the answer of this question. Again same things were happen. We have a class of Automata’s same lecturer and we don’t have mood of studying so again we request our teacher to do meditation.Really our lecturer is one of the best lecturer in our college.His thoughts and thinking was really good. But this time he was in different mood. He started his lecture with Shri Shri Ravi Shankar and ends with a book name “The Secret”.

He asked “How many of you read the book and watch the movie “The Secret”.
I am shocked to see everyone has raised their hand except me and my 1 friend. And then he starts and said, that law of attraction has major effect in our life. If you will think about something and make a request to nature or universe than nature definitely gives you that thing just you need to think about it. I and my friend were laughing on this fact because we have not seen it yet “The Secret”. I was thinking how we can get something just thinking about that thing. Our lecturer said, this was scientifically proof that law of attraction works. And even this time he is practical. He said, a group of scientists from various countries has decided to do some practical related to law of attraction. They decide to plant two small plants on same place and they make a request to whole world to request our universe that 2nd plant will grow faster than of 1st one. And after few days the thinking of people becomes reality. 2nd plant was really growing fast.

So now all scientist were shocked and they started believing in “Law of attraction”.

After listening this story I was thinking “How good if all scientists has do something different other than growing plants which is good for us or universe.”
I was thinking if they request to all world that kindly think and make a request to our universe “From today all poor people who are dying just because of not getting food OR water, gets food to eat and have water to drink.”
So no one will be hungry and no one will be thirsty in whole world.
After the lecture I decided to watch movie “The Secret”.
And I saw it and just learn if I think that today I will get the parking space than I will get it in real. These lines are from the video “The Secret”.
I am giving open challenge to team of “The Secret” we bet same on parking space condition.
We will choose a place in a high crowd city where parking space is very tough to get. We will fix a spot where you need to park your car daily.
You request whole universe and nature to  make a space at that place daily and if you get that place  I will pay 1 lakh rupee to you for each that day. And on those days at which you wouldn’t get the parking space on the same fixed spot, than you need to pay me 50,000 Rupees on each  that day.
If any team member of “The Secret” team reading this article I request to you to contact me through our contact us page.
We will definitely bet and try law of attraction. And let’s see who will win and earn more. What do you think guys who will win, kindly comment? I want your opinion on this article.

And last according to me Law of attraction yes it works but in not that way “The Secret” team is telling to whole world. “Law of attraction just increase human greed”. Suppose one person requesting the nature to get BMW car in coming 5 years and suppose something miracle happen and he gets the BMW without doing anything. Now he is start believing in Law of attraction and now he have a habit of always beg from nature and universe without doing anything. And if he do not get something he will demotivate and now he wouldn’t have power to do something in his life. Because nature has made him beggar.

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  1. eshaan Reply

    Totally agreed even i tried after watching the movie and all i got was a “no”from the girls i had crush on…so yeah it is totally bullshit

  2. Anonymous Reply

    that’s so true Rahul…!!
    and, its a great Article …!!

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