Top 7 Gentlemen of Cricket game with no haters

Today we are with top 7 gentlemen players of the cricket game with no haters. Yes there are many players who are really good on the field and in the heart of the people too. There are many players but here we are listing top 7 gentlemen of the cricket game. Hope you love them. So here are the top 7 players with no haters overall the world. This doesn’t matter from where they are. But they are always in heart.

6 Adam Gilchrist

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Adam Gilchrist is on the no. 6 the in our list. He is from Australia and he is the very fine cricketer of all over time.


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  1. Anonymous Reply

    you gave list for best cricketer. they are not gentle men. Brett lee, Sachin, kumble
    are not a gentle man.

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