Definition of Success,How to get Success

Hello Friends,

Today we are going to talk about “What is Success”.

So the basic definition of Success is “To achieve something in our life OR in other words having a good life with good amount of money called as success”.

And there is one more term “Successful Person”
So Who is Successful Person?
Any idea?

I know you have ,Bill gates,Steve Jobs,Anil Ambani all are successful persons.I also believe that they are successful.

And also I believe that We are already successful in our life but we don’t believe on us that we are successful.

The definition of success changes with the time.
At one time Car driving is success.
Passing 10th Class is success.
Having a Govt. Job is success.
But as time passes definition of success changes.

Now having a high salary job is success.
But I believe the definition of success changes with time and changes with person to person.

So what is the definition of success-
According to me Success is “Everything I have enjoyed in my life is Success for me.”.
And the biggest Success for me is “Health”.
Because without health you can’t do anything.

Coming directly to point “How to get success”.
I believe you are already success in 90% things in your life. And there is remaining 10% in which you need to success.

So just recall your life and thinks what you have did in 90% things to get success and apply the same thing in other 10% things. I am sure you will definitely get success.

Recall what you have did when you learn driving.
Recall what you have did when you passed your Maths exam.
Recall what you have did when you sing a song in class.

Just believe your self that you are already successful person. And enjoy every moment of life which gives you happiness.
Try to become a child because children enjoy every moment of there life.

When they sing a song in class they enjoyed.When they passed there nursery/1st/2nd class they enjoyed.When they eat something new they enjoyed.

They can do anything without any fear.
But when we are in age of 16-25 we scare to do things. Like we can’t even sing a song in class.We can’t dance in front of whole class. Because we have fear “Log Kya sochenge,Ghar wale kya sochenge,Teacher kya sochegi Acha e Sochta reh fir.”

So I believe that “Successful Hona Bacho ka Khel hai”.
Because “Child are always ready to do something new in there life.”
So if you are going to try something new in your life than first be a child OR act as a small children than go for new things.

You can give your 100% easily and get success.
So from now enjoy small to small thing in your life which give a happiness to you.

That is called success.
And if you failed in 10% than don’t worry just try again because “Jo Hota hai Vo Ache k Lie Hota hai”.

Read “Jo Hota e Vo ache k Lie Hota e Article”–

Article inspired from a seminar of “Mr. Sandeep Maheswari.”

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